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NARPM® Paperless Office

Course# DL106

Course Description

The phrase "Paperless Office" conjures up an image of employees standing in front of a high-speed document scanner feeding reams of paper into an amorphous ether-land. For some companies, this is realty. For most businesses, the paperless office is mostly about looking at ways to more easily and affordably work and share information.

In this course, we will explore all ends of the paperless spectrum. From no-cost, low-cost electronic document production solutions to middle ground applications and distribution platforms to pricier, high end document archival systems. Our bias will be the lower-tier solutions because that's what we chose for our own businesses and what most businesses can readily implement today.

Paperless solutions cost money, but so do paper solutions! We are good at identifying what paperless solutions cost, but not so good at looking at what the paper processes cost us.

Topics covered will include:

  • • Starting a paperless office
  • • Conversion/Setting up
  • • Software
  • • Hardware
  • • File Types
  • • Uploading Photos
  • • Tenant
  • • Owner and Staff Training
  • • ACH/Merchant Payments
  • • Websites
  • • Profitability

Skill Level:

All Levels

Entry Requirements:

No Prerequisite


Course Fee : $45

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Course Details

  • All units must be completed
  • Certificate awarded. Duration: Forever